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Right of Way and Land Acquisition

Experience and professionalism are key components to the successful completion of right of way and land acquisition. Sendero personnel bring both of these qualities to each acquisition project, contacting landowners personally to discuss the project and how the steps will unfold.

When meeting with the landowner, the Sendero agent brings the proper documents and is knowledgeable about the project so the landowner’s questions can be answered. If a question cannot be answered, the Sendero agent does not wing it, but tells the landowner that he/she will contact the client and get the proper answer. Courtesy and truthfulness must be top priority in order to instill trust. Sendero agents understand that their relationship with the landowner must withstand the length of the project.

The Sendero agent presents the landowner with documents to be signed and negotiates a fair and responsible payment for the easement or property. The agent has been trained in negotiation tactics and is also educated as to the client’s policies regarding number of offers to be made, mediations and other factors that may impact payment amounts.

All contacts with landowners are documented in a right of way acquisition database that will provide an accurate history for the project files.

Once the negotiations have been completed, the Sendero agent follows through with documentation, recording and payment. If the client requests, Sendero can stay on the project through construction, acting as liaison between the construction crews, the client and the landowner, and remain on site to settle damages.

Sendero has a very high percentage of successful acquisition due to the professional and personal skills of our agents and the support they receive from the management team. Our agents also regularly attend International Right of Way courses in various acquisition related fields and maintain professional certification.







Sendero Acquisitions, L. P. Staff

Charles M. Davis, R/W - RAC - Principal

Carlos Lascurain, R/W - NAC - Principal

Mendy J. Baird, SR/WA - Principal



Kristen Bennett, R/W-RAC, Senior Managing Director Relocation Assistance Services

Maggie Curington, Administrative Assistant

Gentry Hubbard, SR/WA

John Reed, SR/WA, R/W-URAC, R/W-RAC

Jerry Reavis, SR/WA

Justin Carroll, R/W Agent





Sendero Appraisals, L. P. Staff

Kevin D. Angel, MAI - Partner

Jim Larsen, Staff Appraiser

Jason Reece, Staff Appraiser

Courtney Ferriera, Staff Appraiser

Dorrien Himes, Staff Appraiser


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