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Kevin D. Angel, MAI



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Kevin D. Angel, MAI                   _______   ___   _____________________

Industry experience since 1990

Current Responsibilities


Kevin D. Angel is a founding Partner in Sendero  Appraisals, LP, a real estate appraisal firm

specializing in  right of way  valuation, consulting, and  litigation support headquartered  in Katy,

Texas.   Mr. Angel performs  appraisals and appraisal reviews  of all types  of properties. Work is

performed   in   conformance   with   the   Uniform   Relocation   Assistance   and   Real   Property

Acquisition Policies  Act, Uniform  Standards of  Professional Appraisal  Practice  (USPAP), the

Appraisal Institute, and state and federal guidelines.


Mr. Angel  is  qualified to  appraise all properties and real estate types, and earned his distinguished  MAI designation  conferred  by the  Appraisal  Institute by  completing  a rigorous

program of  course work,  written exams,  appraisal projects,  and narrative  report presentations.

Mr. Angel  is a Certified  General Appraiser in  multiple states across  the nation.   Mr. Angel  has

testified as an expert witness regarding real property value issues on numerous occasions.

Prior Experience


Mr. Angel  has more  than  25  years of   professional appraisal and valuation experience

specializing in  right of way  appraisal, appraisal review,  and eminent  domain litigation support.

He  has  performed  hundreds  of  right  of  way  appraisals  involving  both  fee  and  easement

acquisitions including  highways, pipelines,  electric transmission  lines, sewer lines,  water lines,

transportation corridors,  and mass transit projects  throughout the United  States.  Mr. Angel  has

managed an  appraisal staff  and has  performed various real  estate appraisal  functions including

sales research,  property inspections,  report writing, market  studies, impact  studies, project cost

studies, consultation,  and has provided  testimony as an  expert witness  in real property  matters.

Mr.  Angelís  diverse  background  has  included  appraisal  of  all  types  of  commercial,  retail,

industrial, residential,  agricultural and  special use  properties.   The scope  of his  appraisal work

includes   multi-story   office   buildings,   medical   offices,   retail   properties,   shopping   centers,

automobile  dealerships,  hotels/motels,  restaurants,  convenience  stores/service  stations,  auto

repair  facilities,  office/warehouses,  industrial  flex  buildings,  mini  warehouses,  showrooms,

manufacturing  facilities,  churches, single  family  residences,  duplexes, apartments,  residential

lots, subdivisions, agricultural, and vacant land.



Texas A&M University, Bachelor of Business Administration, Finance

Ongoing education to  maintain the  MAI   designation through the Appraisal Institute;  and continuing education and coursework  in matters of real property appraisal  through the Appraisal Institute,  the  International Right of  Way  Association and  other  professional organizations  to

broaden his scope of knowledge and provide higher levels of service.

Appraisal Institute MAI Designation, #11351

State Certified General Real Estate Appraiser: Texas Certificate #1323304-G

State Certified General Real Estate Appraiser: Arizona Certificate #31275

State Certified General Real Estate Appraiser: California Certificate #AG044025

State Certified General Real Estate Appraiser: Illinois Certificate #553.002489

TxDOT Pre-Certified Real Estate Appraiser

Member, International Right of Way Association; International Utilities Committee member









Sendero Acquisitions, L. P. Staff

Charles M. Davis, R/W - RAC - Principal

Carlos Lascurain, R/W - NAC - Principal

Mendy J. Baird, SR/WA - Principal




Maggie Curington, Administrative Assistant

Gentry Hubbard, SR/WA

John Reed, SR/WA, R/W-URAC, R/W-RAC

Jerry Reavis, SR/WA

Justin Carroll, R/W Agent



Sendero Appraisals, L. P. Staff

Kevin D. Angel, MAI - Partner

Jim Larsen, Staff Appraiser

Jason Reece, Staff Appraiser

Courtney Ferriera, Staff Appraiser

Dorrien Himes, Staff Appraiser


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